Struggling individuals are not “broken.

Addiction is a terribly destructive, debilitating chronic brain disease that will take everything from you if you are not careful. There is only one true way out of this, and that is through a professional drug rehab center that will base your treatment upon your needs, circumstances, and condition. With the proper care and support, you will be able to overcome addiction through our structured and focused addiction program. Read on to see how this effective treatment will be designed to help you and mitigate risks or relapse.

The core issue we address is a lack of self-esteem

When you first come to our substance abuse treatment facility, you will go through detoxification in our drug detox clinic. While your body goes through the plight of eliminating all traces of harmful chemicals from your body, you will go through unpleasant withdrawals. These side effects require supervised and monitored progress in order to make sure that you are as comfortable and pain-free as possible while also taking steps to make it efficient and effective. When you go through detox at one of our addiction recovery centers, you will have much support and guidance.


Alcoholism is the consistent misuse of alcohol. Alcoholism is not the occasional misuse of wine, liquor, or beer. Sometimes people overindulge


Drug abuse or drug addiction from a treatment center that offers particularly high quality, individualized, evidence-based treatment are more likely to recover than those who attempt to recover on their own.


Dual diagnosis residential treatment center where cutting-edge, evidence-based psychotherapy and analysis meet world-class drug and alcohol addiction

Alcohol Addiction

After detox, you will go through therapy in two different settings. First, you will meet with a personal counselor who will work to help you create a personalized addiction treatment program that will be based upon your needs and circumstances.

Cannabis Addiction

This will include dual diagnosis mental health screening and any necessary treatment that will work to treat the underlying and contributing factors. Once you have begun venting your problems and opening up, you will begin group therapy.

Depressant Addiction

Group therapy will help you immensely in your struggle for freedom. While you are in these sessions, you will work your peers to share your stories of adversity, listen to other’s similar plights, and exchange invaluable and insightful advice on how to stay sober and avoid triggers.

Opiate Addiction

When you go to leave our substance abuse treatment clinic, you will leave with all the support and guidance you need to overcome your dependence for good.

Hallucinogen Addiction

Your personalized and comprehensive addiction plan will guide you when you need help, and will help you as you stay sober indefinitely.

Stimulant Addiction

The people you’ve met will be by your side. We will always be here at our drug rehab facilities whenever you need us.